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  1. Sector Awards

    Awards for specific sectors

    1. Anime Lover

      Make 500 Anime meme posts

    2. Suggester

      Suggested an implemented feature for Bi0S CrEw forum.

    3. Champion

      Win an Bi0S CrEw hosted competition.

    4. Social Engineer

      Provide proof of 10 SE jobs

    5. Banker

      Accumulate 100,000 credits.

    6. Writer

      Demonstrate superb literature and writing

    7. The Giver

      Host 10 approved Bi0S CrEw contests

    8. Bary Bee Benson

      Spice up the bee movie script;)

    9. Memer

      For only the primmest of memers

    10. R&R

      Make 500 posts in the Resource section

    11. Salesman

      Make 100 approved trades or sales from the market

    12. Artist

      Demonstrate your GFX skill

    13. Leaker

      Post over 500 Resources

    14. Designer

      Must be in official artists group

    15. Shitposter

      title says it all!

    16. MOTM


    17. Sticky

      User has had their post stickied

    18. Anime

      Make a posts about anime.

    19. Night Owl

      Spends most of their time online at night.

    20. Programmer

      Win a coding comp hosted by the site

  2. Identifiers

    It really shows who the user is.

    1. Hatsukoi

      First Love - Can be brought for 5k credits

    2. Tea Bandit

      Send a picture of you drinking tea to @Bi0SCrEw (timestamp)

    3. 2017

      Given to the users who joined on 1/1/2017

    4. Mr. Popular

      Amount 1000+ rep

    5. Mr. Negative

      Amount -1000 rep

    6. Mr. Clean

      Fulfill DeViL's sick fantasies and send of a video of yourself singing the Mr.Clean Jingle to him to receive this award if you dare!

    7. Youtube

      Advertise Bi0S CrEw on your YouTube channel with more than 1000 subscribers

    8. MiddleMan

      This user is a trust middleman.

    9. WhiteHat Hacker

      User is in all terms a white hat hacker.

    10. GreyHat Hacker

      This user cant decide.

    11. BlackHat Hacker

      This user is devious...

    12. Genius

      Wow! You're smart!

    13. Idiot

      Wow! You're Dumb!

    14. Group Owner

      This user owns a group on this forum.

    15. Administrator

      This user is an admin of Bi0S CrEw.

    16. Coder

      User is a fantastic coder.

    17. GrammarNazi

      Bi0S CrEw would be incomplete without our GrammarNazi

    18. A man in a suit

      Always liked a man in a suit

    19. Staff Pet

      For the user that kisses ass to Bi0S CrEw staff.

    20. Beer Buyer

      User has bought Syndicate a beer

    21. Former Staff

      User was a Former Staff.

    22. Gamer

      User has identified as a hardcore gamer.

    23. Golden Halo

      For the users on the forum that are saints.

  3. Group Awards

    Owned by Usergroup Owners and only given out by them.

    1. News Reporter

      News Monday writer

    2. Artist

      User is apart of Artist Group

    3. Bi0S CrEw MeMbEr

      User is part of the Bi0S CrEw MeMbEr

  4. Collectibles

    Rare badge, you'll be very lucky to even get one....

    1. TheGoldenMushroom

      We will not tell you how to obtain.

    2. Blue PartyHat

      The infamous Blue PartyHat

    3. Green PartyHat

      The infamous green partyhat

    4. 1 Year Service

      Been with us for a year.

    5. 1 Year Anniversary

      For being online during the 1 Year anniversary of Bi0S CrEw Forum

    6. Christmas 2017

      User was here for Christmas 2017

    7. Halloween 2017

      User was here with us on Halloween of 2017

    8. Easter 2017

      User was here on Easter Sunday of 2017

    9. Sharky

      Could be bought...maybe

  5. Donation Awards

    These come with donations to our forum.

    1. Investor

      Must have bought the investor upgrade

    2. Donator

      Made a donation to Bi0S CrEw

    3. Upgrader

      Upgrade at least 10 other members

    4. Saphire

      Donated 10$ or more.

    5. Emerald

      For donating $15 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    6. Ruby

      For donating $25 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    7. Diamond

      For donating $50 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    8. Dragonstone

      For donating $100 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    9. Onyx

      For donating $150 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    10. Zenyte

      For donating $250 or more to Bi0S CrEw

    11. BTC donator

      User has donated using BTC

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